November 16, 2019

Tech Hacks to Make Your Laptop More Efficient


Who doesn’t love a few hacks that can increase efficiency? It makes us feel like we are in on a big secret! In today’s elaborate Operating Systems with various options and settings everywhere, most of us simply settle for the default settings and continue to do our work. But, there is no harm in exploring and making sure that your laptop is giving you its best. Here are a few amazing tech hacks to increase your efficiency and ensure that you are using your device to its full potential:

Shake off the slowness

Sounds weird? This is a hidden hack that users generally don’t know about. Most of us have several windows open at once. Concerned only about the ones we are using now, we often tend to ignore the others ones that are open in the background. To minimize all other open tabs and help make your system more fast, just click on the title bar of the window you are currently using and give it a shake with your mouse, magically all other tabs will minimize and leave only your tab open!

Pinning to taskbar

Although and old and well-known feature, this handy tip is worth a mention! Windows 10 eliminates the need for users to scroll through the long start menu in order to find an app. Simply find it once, right click and select ‘pin to taskbar’. You can also do this by click the logo on the taskbar of an app that is already open. Once you do this, the app will be constantly located on your taskbar from the moment you turn your system on. This will save you a lot of time and help you get things done faster.

Better Calendars!

Here’s how to sync outlook calendar with google calendar in order to make your calendars more efficient and in line with your schedule.  

  • From your Outlook app, go to File>Open and Export>Import and Export
  • Select the option to import an iCalendar file.
  • Select the Google calendar you would like to Import

That’s all it takes to make your Outlook calendar more detailed. Once your calendars are in Sync, they can give prompt reminders and updates about both your personal and work life without having to check separately on two different apps. With a more centralized feel, importing your Google calendar or exporting your Outlook calendar will surely make using digitized calendars a more pleasurable experience.

Using these tricks will enable you to work faster and also ensure that your system is performing to the best of its ability. There are various more hidden tricks that are embedded in and around your operating system, so feel free to explore more options in your free time and make your own life easier!


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