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Online marketing is needed for both large and small companies alike, but small business advertising is definitely harder. Your staff is generally smaller, and even your advertising budgets are typically smaller as well. The good news, however, is that with the right strategic plans in place, you could use simple online marketing to drive sales, leads, and all of the ROI you desire, regardless of what size you operate within. No matter if you sell products or services on a full-time or part-time basis, you will find that marketing through the Internet is a powerful tool for getting the word out about your business and services. Whether you use your website to run an online auction or to simply provide customers and employees with contact information, there are countless options for marketing that are available to you. Here are six top business advertising tips for beginners that can get any work done online.

Perhaps one of the most common forms of small business advertising occurs through social media platforms such as Facebook, pintrest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. By using these social media platforms, small business advertising can be incredibly targeted as well as entertaining and engaging. When you include the words “marketing” and “advertising” in a given social media advertisement, it instantly creates a connection with your audience. This creates trust, which is something any savvy marketer wants. For example, if you advertised your dog collars on Facebook and Twitter, you may expect to receive a few hundred or thousands of clicks on that ad. However, if you were to advertise dog collars for sale through social media advertising, you may receive up to tens of thousands of clicks.

Other online small business advertising ideas include creating promotional videos’ Pinterest, podcasts, articles, blogs, or websites that are related to your company. By having these forms of content available to your target audience, you not only allow yourself to have plenty of content to distribute to your potential customers, but you also put an interesting spin on the often dull and boring written article. Providing interesting information that is relevant to your product while you attempt to engage your audience in this manner will allow you to create long-term relationships that are beneficial to you both.

If you are interested in more traditional forms of online advertising, there is still good news to be found in today’s world. Many SEO (search engine optimization) consultants and companies exist who specialize in helping businesses promote their website through various means. This includes things like blogging, creating content articles, submitting articles to article directories, writing press releases, participating in forums, and attending trade shows.

While it is possible to successfully participate in all of these different forms of marketing, it is also extremely helpful to find a highly regarded, credible, comprehensive company who can handle all of your online, small business advertising needs. By working with professionals, businesses can be assured of a consistent stream of high quality and effective advertising. Additionally, these professionals will offer a host of other services designed to help you grow your business. For instance, many SEO companies will offer a host of services that include web development, marketing, advertising, customer service, and even management and accounting. Because the scope of these services is so wide, working with a reputable provider will give you a great advantage over businesses who choose to do their own marketing.

In addition to a variety of different types of marketing strategies, many SEO consultants also offer small business advertising ideas that use TV, radio, newspapers, fliers, brochures, etc. to get the most coverage for your dollars. The first step to taking advantage of all of the options that are available to you is to thoroughly discuss your options with a qualified SEO consultant.

Another form of advertising that has proven very successful is email newsletters. Whether it is sent out to current customers or potential customers, it is an excellent way to market your business. Many small businesses rely on newsletters to keep their name in front of their target audience. As such, if you choose to add an email newsletter to your business marketing strategy, you should work closely with a professional SEO company to ensure that your newsletter contains all of the most effective content possible. A quality email newsletter can be the single most important factor in driving more traffic to your website.

The final form of small business advertising that you may want to consider is the use of social media websites. For example, Twitter and Facebook have exploded as one of the biggest tools for Internet marketing. Unfortunately, these websites also come with their own drawbacks. For example, it can be difficult to effectively advertise on Twitter because there is so much competition. However, if you choose to advertise through Facebook, you must make sure that you take advantage of its wide array of options, which include the option to advertise directly on your profile page and via ads, as well as allowing your business to run ads on sponsored listings on the sidebar.


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