Are personal aspects important when applying for a job? Or are professional skills paramount a priori? It always depends on the specifics of the intended work in the first place. But the head of the company is important not only that the employee copes with tasks, but also how the entire team of the company acts and lives. Therefore, it is worth considering the person more closely when choosing a candidate and treats all his sides judiciously.

Business and personal qualities for Job

Business opportunities include primarily the capabilities and abilities of a person according to certain professional criteria and specific tasks. An important role is played by the level of General education, as well as experience in a similar position. When evaluating business qualities, attention is always paid to what benefits they can bring to the company itself.

Some personal aspects of Employee

Personal qualities are more important when evaluating employee behavior within the firm. Or, if the employer chooses between two applicants whose professional qualities do not give advantages to either the first or second. Also, the very attitude to the work process, the ability to obey, or on the contrary to lead the team — all these are personal aspects of a person, which in certain types of work play an equally important role. For example, independence. If the employee will know the job, will not do it without constant supervision and tips, then it may be worth taking that guy with a lower level of knowledge, but more independence.

The choice of qualities

Strange as it may seem, if a possible employee puts too many positive qualities in their resume, then this may indicate one negative — that it is difficult for them to make a choice (the standard recognizes 5 characteristics).

High Performance

At the same time, banal phrases like “high performance” may not mean anything. Therefore, specify what the person meant-to work with a large number of tasks and information, or to work more than a standard working day.


Or, for example, “motivation to work”, “self-control” – too vague definitions. All this, if desired, can be described in detail, revealing the essence of their qualities, and not lazily going through the options that are found in each resume.

If you interview an applicant, always ask them to give examples of how they understand what they have written, this will help to reveal their personal qualities in many ways. Well, of course, pay attention to the fact that some parties may simply not be compatible with each other, but the person reflecting on the resume itself just did not think about it.

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Negative side

Sometimes, a person writes in the resume not only their best qualities but also their disadvantages. Such honesty is very appealing. Therefore, conclude the situation. The qualities can be anything:

  • Hyperactivity (some, by the way, do not understand that this is not a positive side).
  • Emotionality (also almost always not the best quality).
  • Arrogance (and here the applicant most likely wanted to show the negative side as their plus, because, in some areas of the same trade, quality can be used with advantage).
  • Inability to lie (Alas, but in many areas excessive openness and honestly recognized as a minus).
  • Inability to work in a team.
  • Lack of experience or education (this is not a minus, but it is critical for some vacancies).
  • Bad habits (specify which ones).

Again, we repeat, if you see negative qualities reflected in the resume, this may indicate both the applicant’s honesty and his near-recklessness. So act more carefully and according to the situation.

It is also useful to ask them to list their disadvantages in an oral interview. And be prepared to evaluate the negative sides adequately. If a person admits that they have problems with something, then they are most likely ready to work on it. And not all the bad sides are just a problem. From them, you can identify advantages in another area. For example, restlessness is more likely to be a plus in certain modes, because it allows you to quickly switch to another task.



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