To improve physical and mental health, sound healing therapy incorporates elements of Music. The person handled participates with a qualified practitioner in the encounter. It can require music therapy:

  • Hearing Music
  • Singing along with songs
  • Moving to the Music’s rhythm
  • Meditating
  • Playing an instrument

It is known that Healing Music goes back to Ancient Greece when Music was used to treat mental illnesses. Throughout history, military forces have used music to raise morale and help people work quicker and more productively.

Types of music therapy:

There are following some types of healing music therapy that may lead to improve your mental illness.

Guided meditation:

Guided meditation is also a form of healing music in which you meditate a person through a session or class, or via a video or app, with voiced guidance. Repeating mantras or prayers may be used in meditation.

This type of meditation provides several benefits that are the following:

  • Reducing tension
  • Decreased depression and anxiety
  • Memory improved
  • Decreased Blood Pressure
  • Reducing pain
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Decreased risk of heart attack

Neurologic music therapy:

Music therapy can decrease anxiety and facilitate relaxation. It can be more effective in reducing anxiety levels before surgery than prescription medications. According to research, after spinal surgery, pain can be minimized by a 30 minutes healing music session.

A credentialed provider who determines the needs of the client administers music therapy. Therapy includes producing, listening, singing, or transferring to Music. It can use for physical therapy, treatment of pain, and brain injury.


This healing music method is delivered by Professional musicians who complete the Nordoff-Robbins 2-year master’s program. They use Music familiar to those being handled, or work towards success, creating new Music together. This Healing Music method used to treat children with mental health disorders, learning difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, and dementia.

Healing instruments:

The following are, along with voice, some of the various tools used in music therapy or as healing Music:

  • Bowls for singing
  • Forks tuning
  • Flute Pan
  • A harp
  • Drumming

In one session, some techniques use several instruments, including a guitar, piano, or another tool.

So Music therapy is effective in reducing stress and relaxation, and several health benefits show to provide. Listening to Music poses little danger. Find the sounds for you that work.

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